About Pneusong

For more than forty years I have been singing scripture. At the age of sixteen
I started setting scripture texts to music: Psalms, John 14, Matthew 5, excerpts
from Romans and other epistles. I set Bible verses to music for memory
verses at a Christian summer camp. In the 1970’s I was in a gospel band,
Sound of Light and we sang several of my scripture songs:
I turned to various academic and professional pursuits during the 1980’s and 90’s.
My MCS Thesis (1988) was entitled ”Scripture in Song: J.S. Bach’s Exegesis
of Matthew 26 & 27 in the St. Matthew Passion”

Working as Minister of Music for fifteen years involved composing,
singing and conducting vocal and choral settings of scripture.

In 2005 I completed my DMA Dissertation “The Psalms of Ascents” which
involved collaborating with composer Larry Nickel in the creation of a
song cycle based on Psalms 120-134.

For over thirty years, alongside the active singing of Bible texts,
I have made it a practice to read through the entire Bible annually.
This devotional and spiritual exercise inspired me to undertake this Bible Bard project.
In 2008 I set up a home recording studio with the goal of composing/recording scripture. 

I set a target of fourteen chapters per month for seven years.
From 2009 to 2016 I recorded, edited, and arranged improvisational recorded sketches into final MP3 format.
You can now listen to the entire Bible in various English translations on my
 pneusong.com website.

   Ray Harris   (2020)